Take Your Time, With Action

Time and action. That’s what it takes to succeed. Ask yourself, how do I achieve what I want to achieve? What action do I have to take to get there? After that, make a plan on how to do it. Then follow that plan and put in the required time. Your action has to be […]

Don’t Be A Student Be An Entrepreneur

First of all, we learn the basics. After the basics, we have to start taking action in the real world. This is a big part of the learning curve. That, people easily miss. If you don’t know how or what to do. You are either learning the wrong things or in the wrong place. Perhaps both. […]

How To Duplicate And Scale Your Success

Trying and working hard enough will at some point give you some results. This is why it’s important to keep track of how we got that result and how we can do it again. If you are starting a business and you’ve made your first sales. A smart thing to do would be to invest that […]

Work For Yourself

Answering to a boss and working for a company can be infuriating. All the work you put in is basically building someone else’s dream. You own nothing of all that work you put in. Because, if you quit you get nothing. All we do at a job is sell our time to get a temporary paycheck. It’s […]

I Don’t Want To Go To Work On Monday

A regular Monday morning when the alarm clock goes off. How do you feel, is it like stepping into the hamster wheel once again? We should feel good waking up on a regular Monday morning. All other days of the week as well. Not just on Friday before the weekend. If you are anything like […]