Why I Can’t Stop

Is because I have an obsession. To reach my goals. I have to know that I am getting closer today than I was yesterday. Otherwise, why do I even have goals? If I am not trying hard every day to improve. Then you know what I am going to get? The same as always. And […]

Make Money Work For You

Most of us have been told to study hard, work hard, save money and retire. Doing this will leave you working for money and not the other way around. We make money work for us by investing it. Stocks, businesses, and properties are a few examples of investments that make money work for us. We can […]

What Is Your Dream Life And What Are You Doing To Get There?

Everyone has an ultimate goal and dream life in mind. The problem is a lot of people don’t believe it’s possible for them to reach theirs. Maybe their parents, relatives or friends tells them that it’s not possible. That they should instead go for a safe route of studying hard, get a safe and secure job, […]

Create Wealth Vs. Having A Job

To create wealth is something everyone wants. But very few actually does. Most people try hard to get a good secure job. Instead of trying hard to create wealth. You have to have a different approach towards earning money. Other than getting a job and selling your time. We don’t really have enough time to sell […]

Take Controlled Risks When Starting A Business

Success doesn’t come without taking certain risks. You might see starting that business you always dream about as a big risk. But hey, doing nothing has risks as well. What would happen if you never start a business? A controlled risk would be starting a business in your spare time. Not having to quit your job. The point is […]


Or not. What makes the difference? And how do we transition ourselves to succeeding? It boils down to doing the work. Are we obsessed enough on getting to that next level? That is what makes the difference. Things like Netflix will still be there, even when we reach that next level. Trust me. Click Here […]