The Most Important Thing

What’s most important in your life? Maybe some people would say their children or partner. But ultimately, how you treat yourself will affect all you hold dear. You are most important. The better you are. The better help you can provide. You control your life. Strive for that full potential. The faster you help yourself. The faster you […]

Who Are You Taking Advice From?

Often enough we have a someone trying to give us advice. Some we take as good, and some we dismiss as bad. But what is actually good advice? Good advice should come from someone with experience and knowledge in the area. Somewhere someone has experienced the same problem you are facing. This person can advise you […]

They Don’t Know What You Know

Have you ever been told that you can’t do something? That it’s not likely to happen. Too good to be true. Or some other reason why you shouldn’t follow your ambition. If anyone says that you can’t do something. It’s probably someone that hasn’t achieved their own dreams and goals. That’s a good reason not […]

Sacrifice To Gain More

Whatever goals you have and how you are going to achieve them. You have to make sacrifices. With bigger sacrifices comes better results. What we do in our spare time makes a big difference. If you want to achieve your goals fast. Get ready to sacrifice more. Because if we don’t sacrifice now, we are […]

Too Cheap To Even Be Taken Seriously

Starting a business in this day and age can be easier and cheaper than ever before. With today’s technology, you can start online businesses literally by pushing a few buttons. However, starting a traditional brick and mortar business requires you to fork out a lot of money. Most require staff, an office, materials and other investments. […]

Failing Forward

When we think of failure. We mostly see it as a bad thing. But actually, failure assures us of something that doesn’t work. And with that, we can take another step forward. Try Again. If we failed the first time we can try again. Unless of course, we don’t want the results. If you truly […]