tredrHi. I’m Edvin.

I run a business here on the internet. I use automated systems to get my message in front of people who would find value in what I am doing. Marketing, technology, business tools, automation, personal growth and system setups are but a few topics I work with.

In my early 20’s I initially developed a keen interest in online entrepreneurship. Then started investing my learning in acquiring knowledge to help me understand the technicalities involved in dealing with online deals. Slowly and gradually I got a hang of it and advanced to developing an online business of my own.

I have set up an interactive network to help communicate and solve problems thousands of people face when setting up an online business of their own. Having passed through the same thought maze and confusion myself it’s now my vision to help anyone in need.

I didn’t always start off like this; believe it or not, I’m also a male model. Living in a commercialized industry as that helped me tread my way to get started online. (Scroll down to see me on the catwalk)










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