Too Cheap To Even Be Taken Seriously

Starting a business in this day and age can be easier and cheaper than ever before.

With today’s technology, you can start online businesses literally by pushing a few buttons.

However, starting a traditional brick and mortar business requires you to fork out a lot of money. Most require staff, an office, materials and other investments.

Most likely you have to take a loan to do this.

Compare that to an online business where you can get started simply by buying a domain. With maybe $12/year hosting costs. Even a YouTube channel can be considered as a real business.

With these almost free startups, entrepreneurs face a new problem.

It’s too cheap.

Too cheap to even be taken seriously.

Most new entrepreneurs fail to see the massive opportunity and give up quickly. Facing a single problem can be enough to quit.

But imagine an entrepreneur that invested $100 000 into a new business. Only to give up a few weeks later when the first problem arises.

I don’t think so!

He spent good money on that business.

Most problems are not enough to stop someone that made a big investment.

Treat your business like you invested $100 000. Even if it only cost you $10 to start.

The online opportunity.

Has the same potential as a traditional brick and mortar business.

If not even better.

All work you put in online is digital (permanent).

Because of this, it’s easier to duplicate success and at the same time cut down working hours. Especially when we have websites and automation tools doing all the heavy lifting.

Whatever business you start and however big or small investments you make. Treat it like you’ve invested everything you got into it. Then tap into its true potential.

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