I Don’t Want To Go To Work On Monday

A regular Monday morning when the alarm clock goes off. How do you feel, is it like stepping into the hamster wheel once again?

We should feel good waking up on a regular Monday morning. All other days of the week as well. Not just on Friday before the weekend.

If you are anything like me. You will fight this. Find another way. Work like crazy to have a different type of Mondays.

It’s important to always be¬†getting closer to a better Monday. If we are not getting closer. It’s time to get started.

Otherwise, you will once again on Sunday have that nagging feeling;¬†I don’t want to go to work on Monday.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I try to get ready (mentally) for Monday starting Sunday, first thing in the morning. I plan my week ahead and Monday and also get all my clothes ready for the next day. I will think about what I’m going to eat, what shoes I’ll wear and so on. I visualize myself having a great Monday and it usually turns out to be great.

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